Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Not much...

Not much going on today. We had someone come back for a second viewing today and we're really hoping to get an offer from them. They need the garage to be taller so that his pickup truck would fit and today they came with a family member that is a contractor to see if they could make ours work. That seems to be the only sticking point, so hopefully it works out! We haven't heard anything back yet, but I'm of the thinking that "better nothing at all than a NO!". So...another day of keeping the fingers crossed.

Today there is nothing at all happening. Just sitting around and relaxing. I'm going to get some new templates packaged up as soon as I get some sample LOs done. That's pretty much it! Thrilling, eh?!?!? ;) LOL

It's nice to know that a couple people still check in here...thanks, girls! {HUGS}

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