Monday, February 4, 2008


the couple that came back for a second viewing of the house on Saturday chose another one. :( Their realtor said it was between our house and another and they ended up making an offer on the other one. Is it too mean to say that I hope the offer falls through? ;) We DID get a call last night saying that someone else wants to come back for a second viewing tomorrow morning. They like the house, but he wants a garage that will fit his full sized pickup truck. He's bringing a family member that is a contractor tomorrow morning to see what it would take for him to alter our garage to fit his needs. They like the house other than that! SO...again....keeping my fingers crossed! LOL (the story of our lives right now)

We had a Superbowl party yesterday and the normal group came over. We had a ton of fun and it was so nice to get together with everyone! And...I'M SO GLAD THE GIANTS WON!!!! I absolutely, positively hate the Patriots!! (sorry if any of you were rooting for them! lol) They are just so cocky and arrogant and I hate that. Then the way they were big babies and sore losers at the end of the game...ugh...really turned me off even more!! I thought the commercials pretty much sucked too. What a letdown!

I started a few more templates over the weekend and need to get some sample LOs done before I can get them up in the store. I've been neglecting my designing so much. I haven't done much since before Christmas! :( I really need to treat this more as a "business" instead of just "something I do on the side". The money is definitely more important now that we're in the middle of this whole house fiasco!!

Anyways, I'm off to work on them now. Have a wonderful Monday! {HUGS}

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Lori said...

Well, I guess we can't be friends anymore since you hate the Pat... I can't believe it! ROFL! I'll let it go, I guess.... sorry the offer didn't come through for you, but hopefully it will go well tomorrow! I've got my fingers crossed for you still! :)