Monday, January 21, 2008

Tough times...

We're having some major headaches right now. This house not selling is really making it hard. And then, the realtor says that we need to drop the price again a bit. We aren't thinking that we will be able to afford to build the new house now. :( It's just going to be too hard. Hopefully we will get it all cleared up though. Keep your fingers crossed.

All of this stress has also affected so many other parts of life too. My diet and exercise are pretty much thrown out the window for now. I haven't been scrapping at all recently, let alone designing!! turn makes for less sales, which makes for more money issues....ugh... :( I really need to get out of this funk RIGHT NOW! I'm seriously driving myself nuts.

I really don't have much else to say today other than....GIVE ME A BREAK!!! :( We really need something to break open here to give us some closure on some items. I know if we keep the faith, it will all work out, but it is so hard to keep a smile on, KWIM? Send us some positive vibes, okay? {HUGS}


Lori said...

Totally sending some postive vibes your way Mel... I'm sorry things are so rough right now! Glad to see you're back posting again though... I've missed you! :)

Bretta said...

Hugs, girlfriend!!!