Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another emotional day...

but aren't they all anymore?!!? :( It just seems like there isn't very much good news coming from anything right now. We contacted the realtor and asked him to lower the price on our current house again. Hopefully it will generate some more interest and an offer. Please keep the good vibes and prayers coming our way! If it sells while we have no other plans, we are just going to move in with my parents for a while. Not the most ideal of situations, but at least an answer for now.

We also talked to our potential neighbors last night to see if they were interested in buying a piece of the property we are building on. It would have helped us significantly money-wise, but as of right now, they are only interested if we give them a big enough plot to build on. This is a MAJOR thing to contemplate because the piece we would have left wouldn't be the flatest or greatest of yards. A LOT to digest, that's for sure.

The kids are being extremely rowdy today too, which isn't helping my situation at all. They are driving me nuts!!!!! God love 'em, but they need to calm down today or momma is going to be taken away in a white jacket!! lol

I feel like such a "Debbie Downer" recently. My normal happy go-lucky attitude is on a major vacation right now...and I have a feeling it will be gone until we get some answers on this house situation. It is just so disheartening and depressing. I really, REALLY hope it works out soon!!! Everything is such "bad" news right now when it comes to this. Hopefully one day soon I can come on here and post some WONDERFUL, POSITIVE news!!!

Have a great day! I'm off to hopefully get some designing done, 'cause ya KNOW I need the money!!! ;)

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