Monday, January 7, 2008

A kink in the plans already! heard me right. A kink in the plans already!!! Today was supposed to start extreme healthy eating and exercising. Want to hear what happened?!?! We got a call this morning (while I was taking Christian to preschool) saying that someone wanted to come look at the house tonight. UGH!! Having the house ready to show to anyone at a minutes notice is a lot of hard work...especially with a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old! The house has been "officially" for sale with a realtor now for a little over 2 months. We are just hoping for that special someone that wants to buy it!

Anyways...I digress...since so much time today went into cleaning/scrubbing/etc, no exercise happened and we ended up eating in the mall food court for dinner while the people were here looking at our house. Thank god I ate really good all day and only drank water, because we did Taco Bell for dinner. Here's how the day ended up...

Calories (between 1200-1500): yes :)
Water (96-120 oz): yes :)
Exercise: no :(

Pretty good, all things considering. I also did some grocery shopping this morning and got lots of healthy food for us all. Tomorrow will be a better day exercise-wise hopefully!!

~ Cute kiddo stuff ~

Here are some really cute things the kiddos are doing recently:

~ Woke up this morning and told me he was dreaming last night. When I asked him about what, he said "about how much I love my momma & daddy". Awwww...does it get any cuter than that?!?!? Then he told me, "I dreamt that I loved you guys even more than I already do, but that's not possible, Momma, because I already love you thiiiiiiiis much!" *spreading his arms open as wide as he could* My gosh. This kiddo warmed my heart tremendously and he was only awake for 5 minutes!! :)

~ He says some of his words so darn cute. It makes us smile every time we hear them! Such as "wevver" for "weather", "skirtcles" for "circles", "nuffin'" for "nothing". He's adorable!

~ He LOVES going to preschool! His teachers are Mrs. Patterson and Ms. Cole and they are awesome! He has a different job each week, has a different letter they focus on each week with show and tell being on Wednesdays (the item they bring has to start with that letter), he says the Pledge of Allegience and sings My Country Tis of Thee. His best little buddy is Carter and they just love each other!

~ Is in such a kissy mood recently! :) She is so darn cute about it. She puckers up her little lips and just lays one (or twelve) on you when you're not paying attention. She also gives you big 'ole bear hugs and tells you she "wuvs" you all the time. It is simply SOOOOOO adorable!

~ She wants to snuggle nonstop. Every time you lay her down for a nap or to bed at night, she wants to have someone lay down with her.

~ She is in love with her baby dolls. She likes to dress them, feed them, pretend she's changing their diaper, etc... She is always carrying one of them around and she takes care of them just like any "mommy" would. It is so sweet!

That's enough rambling for today...I have so much stuff to do!! It's 10:00 pm and I swear, I feel like I can never get caught up. :( Ugh... Happy Monday to y'all!! {HUGS}

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Cy said...

Howdy! I would say normal housework isn't exercise but we tend to clean more forcefully when people are going to look at our homes. I would say you got plenty of exercise!! Don't worry. I'm trying to lose weight as well! Keep me motivated!!!!! ~~Cy