Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Long weekend!

This weekend was a long one! Friday night was my chat at DST and we had a BLAST!!! :) Thanks so, SO much to all of you who came. 2 hours flew by before we even knew it! Anyways, I'll get the tattoo pic to you girls soon...I just need to get Jarrett to take one! ;)

Saturday, we went to Jarrett's grandmother's apartment to clean it out and get all the loose ends taken care of. We were there all afternoon and there is STILL more to do!! My gosh!! One really cool thing is that Jarrett and I are going to get her dining room set! We don't have a nice set ourselves and the family wanted us to have it. What a nice reminder of her that we will always have!! :) I have a beautiful hutch that was my grandparents when they got married. So, now, we'll have gorgeous furniture that has such meaning and a great way to remember them by. Jarrett's aunt's bday was also on Saturday and we went there to have pizza/salad with them. Nice times...

I decided it was going to be another "computer-free" weekend. I hardly got on at all and it was kinda nice!! Jarrett & I watched Ladder 49 on Saturday night and it was SOOOOOO good! Whoa...tears were pouring out of my eyes the whole darn movie!! You seriously have to watch it if you get a chance!

Sunday, Jarrett's little sister had a cheerleading competition downtown and we went to see her. There were TONS of squads there and it was really neat! Christian was having a blast hitting on all the little cheerleader girls sitting in front of us. Yeah....he's my little stud! LOL. He gets his charm from his daddy! ;) We all went out to dinner afterwards and it was really nice.

Baby news!!
So....did you all hear that my beautiful, wonderful friend Andrea had her baby yesterday!?!?!? YAY!!! Baby Bean Burns is here and healthy! You all have to wait until Andrea updates to see what his name is though! ;)

Short & Quick
That's it for today!! It's 70 degrees here today and I am going to ENJOY it!! :) It's supposed to be in the 30s-40s again soon enough. Ugh... Have a great day, girls! {{HUGS}}

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Anne said...

kudos to you for a computer free weekend. I really need to get off the computer more too! I had fun reading you blog (It's my first time in the blog train) :)