Friday, March 9, 2007

Almost over....

My birthday week, that is. :( Today is the very last day!! On a good note though, I'm hosting another chat tonight!! This one is at DST and is at 10:00 pm EST. We had a BLAST last week! I'm hoping you all decide to come again! We did brownies last week...cupcakes this week! (Yes...I LOVE cupcakes!!! I'm not a "normal" cake eater.) SO, bring your beverage of choice and meet me there! :)

This is also the last day for my sale! My whole store is 30% off until tonight at midnight, so go check it out! I've added lots more goodies this week and here's another!

That also brings us to the last challenge. Remember, you have until Friday, March 16th at 8:00 am EST and they must be posted in their respective thread at ES for them to qualify for a prize!

Challenge #7: Present Challenge: Scrap about a favorite present that you have given/received. What were your feelings about it? Why is it your favorite?

Lookie here!!!
Jarrett told me to get the laptop bag that I wanted for yet another bday present. (yes...I am SO spoiled!!) ;) Of course, I wanted something fun and girly. Not the "normal" black bag! I went with the Mimi Laptop Bag that so many digi scrappers love. I was totally torn on which color to lilac? kiwi? Hmmm...decisions, decisions... I went with the kiwi green! It looks SO pretty and I can't wait to see it!! I just tracked it online and saw that it should be here today! YAY!!
Oh...and here's a great coupon I found if you want to use it! (It took $28 off of my order!!) It's for 40% off any one item at Joanns and is valid until 3/31/07 Code is: MARA740

I have 2 little blinkie things for ya too! First off...if you want to show your support for me, feel free to sport the "I'm a Fan of Lemonheads" blinkie here. I would really appreciate it!! :)

Secondly, there is a CUTE new blinkie going around right now and rumor has it if you're spotted wearing it there just may be something good that can happen to you!! ;) You can grab it here!

Another little enabling note...

I saw these CUTE Italian charms over at DST and thought you all should see them! One of the girls, Juliana (pennylane), decided to try her hand at making these and she is doing a GREAT job!! She RAKed me for my birthday and sent me the "got mouse?" charm. Okay...I LOVE IT!! :) And wasn't that sweet of her? She also makes custom charms from your picture/idea. Seriously...I am going to get these for gifts for people. They would LOVE to see the kiddos on a charm of their very own! You can check out her blog here and that is also where she's selling them. Give her a little support if you can, she is a GREAT girl and I'm really excited to get to know her better! :) Thanks again, girl!
So, what about you, any big weekend plans? Nothing much around here. I'm still feeling crappy and I think it's starting to officially hit the kids today. Ugh. And on a quick sidenote...I am SO glad the clocks change this weekend! I hate when it gets dark so early! Have a great weekend and don't forget to come to DST tonight for the chat!! (10:00 pm EST) {{HUGS}}


Rachel said...

How cute, I LOVE your lemonhead blinkie! It is darling!

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

The charms are very cute!! I have to take a closer lookie at!!

I love all the sketches you came out with this week!! Thanks... I just joined the elemental CT and already love it there!! The blinkie here is very cute!

Also love your new bag...feels good huh, to be a little spoiled once in a while, and especially during your birthday! I hope yu ha d a great week, with all the things going on!! :-)

Have a great weekend!!

Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

That bag is sweet! Girl, you ARE spoiled! LOL I love those charms Julina makes! Did you see the ones she's making me on my blog? Very cool :) See you tonight!

Margie said...

What great sketches!! How sweet that you have a birthday week!!! I am so jealous LOL. Love your new computer bag!

Kirsty said...

I'll be happy to have your blinkie in my siggy Mel!!

Ooh that charm is soo cute! Will have to have a closer look at them! I have seen those bags floating around and would love to get one! Have to see how much shipping in OZ will be! Still wanna come visit!!ROFL!!!

I'll try and come to the chat tonight, gotta work out what time that will be in oz! Shoot me an email if you remember to remind me!

Kate Rogers said...

Nice post . sneak into my blog too and you can have more of innovative Birthday Gift ideas for sure. take care. lol. ciao.