Thursday, January 25, 2007


I've got ALL kinds of stuff to share with you today! So, grab your hats and hold on! LOL... ;)

Hubby of the Year?
So, remember last week when I told you Jarrett was running for Hubby of the Year? Well...he's officially been crowned! :) He has been nothing but supportive with how much time I've spent on the computer this past week getting stuff together for the store and then he comes home from work with these....just because! He knows I'm a little frustruated with things right now and he knows that I LOVE flowers! After all...who can look at these and say they're not happy!??!

Aren't they gorgeous?!?!? Christian got a real kick out of them too. He kept saying that I got them "because they love me SO much" and that they were for "our sweet momma". Does it get much cuter than that, I ask you??!! I think not! :) Little Ava keeps sticking her nose in them to smell and is even climbing up on the table so that she can get a better view. LOL...

So, I made a LO with my new kit to show Jarrett how much I love him and that he's earned his reward! ;) Also, I used Andrea's new Vintage Photo Frames...aren't they the best?!??!

You can see it here too.

Amazing Digi Race I am having so much fun doing this! My partner, Laurie, is fantastic! I just love her to death and we make a great team! The first challenge for this week was to use a sketch provided to us. Of course, I took it and made it into 2 pages! LOL... I just can't resist!

Here it is! Credits seen here.

Surprise Gift
A couple of weeks ago, Yen was having a contest on her blog where she chose random people to win a prize. Well, guess who was one of them! ME!! :) I won this book. It came in the mail today and I can't thank her enough! And then it made me start thinking how lucky I am to have friends that live all over the world. Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, England, Canada,'s amazing! All because we share the same hobby and have gotten to know each other better. How friggin' neat! Anyways, Yen, Love ya, girl!
Happy Thursday!
LOL...I just saw that Gina tagged me with the same one from yesterday! Guess you girls ALL want to know more about me! ;) So, Ms. Miller...consider it done! LOL... And before you ask...yep...I'm just THAT darn good that I knew you were going to tag me with this! Wanted to get a jump on it, ya know! ;)
Hope you all have a wonderful day!!! {{HUGS}}


Mary E said...

Lucky! love the flowers! No, not mad, I love the tag, It's a good one....I just have to think about though YKWIM? happy Thursday right back at you!

Nita said...

Such a lucky girl! Lovely flowers too :)

Karen aka lindse said...

Beautiful flowers and what a caring and wonderful hubby!!

Anonymous said...

So sweet!! He is such a good guy! Thanks for listening today!!

Katie said...

What an awesome hubby! :)

Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

He is just TOO sweet! I think he needs to call my DH and tell him a thing or two about love & appreciation. :)

Melissa Ives said...

What a lucky girl you are! I hope you had a happy Thursday! :D

Yen said...

Glad you got it,Mel! And am glad you like it too:)

And what a lucky lady you are! Awesome DH:)


tammy said...

OH beautiful flowers your DH gave to you! Awesome!