Monday, January 29, 2007

Prayers Please...

Jarrett's grandma is in the hospital and not doing very well at all. If you could all please send any prayers that you have to her and Jarrett's family, I would totally appreciate it! Thanks!

Sick kids....again!
Yep...both kids are sick yet again! Ever since Christian started preschool, it's been the never-ending round of germs here!! Ugh... They are starting to feel better now, but it's just SO tiring!! I hate seeing little ones sick. They just don't know how to handle it, KWIM? Cross your fingers and hope this round is gone soon!

Preschool Mommy Things
I'm the snack mommy for this week! They are focusing on circles, so the snacks I bring in are supposed to be in that shape. At least I got an easy shape, right?!?! ;) I'm thinking of making Andrea's infamous cake balls. Christian loves them and they're easy to make. Also, Christian said he wants to make M&M cookies. I think it's so darn adorable that he gets so excited about doing special stuff for his class. When I told him it was our snack week he was thrilled! LOL...

Also, I'm one of the class moms in charge of the Valentine's Party! If you have any ideas for easy games/treats/crafts for 3/4 yr olds, let me know! I've been browsing the web and have found a couple, but I'm always up for more ideas!

The weekend was pretty calm and boring around here. Went to Jarrett's parents' house on Saturday night and my family came here last night. My sister just got back from Mexico and wanted to show us all her pics and stuff. Oh, and she got THE cutest shirts for the kids! They're in the wash now, but I'll take pics to show you!

World of Wheels Pics
So, I know we went to this last weekend, but I'm just getting around to posting the pics. This was seriously like a dream for Christian! He is obsessed with all vehicles and this was just right up his alley!

Meeting Lightning McQueen! Notice we just "had" to wear our Cars hat & shirt! LOL...

Christian saw this car and said it looked like "Snot Rod" from the movie Cars. ;)
The kids were fascinated with the size of some of the trucks they had. These wheels were bigger than they were!!!! Christian's hand, you can see his favorite thing he got the whole night long! Even though we bought him a shirt (that cost TOO much!), snacks, etc...he loved the FREE catalog one of the cars had next to it! LOL... These guys saw how much Christian loved their big, green car and gave him that racing parts catalog that it is featured in. He hasn't put it down since then!!!! He carried it around all night and was too stinkin' cute with it!

Have a great Monday!
Hope you all have a wonderful day! Nothing much planned for today except for snack making and MAYBE a little sled riding if the snow hasn't completely melted yet! ;) Talk to you all tomorrow! {{HUGS}}


Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

That car is so cool! Kristen would love it! Sounds like you had a fun time! I hear ya on being sick. This whole month our family has been plagued with sickeness. I can deal with that, but not the sleepless nights because the baby is sick...ugh.

Juzahlyn said...

wow lovely photos from the car show. My dh would have loved to take the girls but I bet wouldn't let him hehehe.. And hope your babies get well soon..sick babies are no fun at all and will be praying for your dh's granma

Anonymous said...

Hey teammate!
I just said a prayer for Jarrett and his grandma- I hope she recovers ok.

Sweet pics of your kids- too funny about christian clutching that free catalog.

And that was soooo sweet of Jarrett to get you the flowers- awww.

God bless!
Laurie G

Melissa Ives said...

I'm sending prayers for DH's grandma.

I hope your family gets better soon also.

Those pics are so cute!

Katie said...

sending prayers for your family. Thanks for sharing the cute car photos!