Thursday, January 4, 2007

Overwhelmed with love...

I'm having one of those sappy days where I just can't believe how lucky I am to have the people in my life that I do. It's simply overwhelming sometimes. In a good way, of course! :) Hmmmm....where to start off?!?

Digi Community
I love the digi scrapping community. Seriously. A lot of people just don't "get it", so I don't talk much about it in my "normal" life. But everyone in it has truly affected my life. And continues to do it every day. Just from looking at your beautiful LOs and getting inspiration and sharing in your special moments, to reading your blogs, to talking with you in chats, to being on the same CT as you, BS-ing on MySpace and posting funky comments, to talking to you and asking for advice/help on the message boards... You are all a special part of my life and I consider each of you my friend. Even if we never have met face to face. (Overrated, if you ask me!!!) LOL...

2 particular people have really went out of their way to make my day recently and I want to share them with you. It's the little things that really make a huge difference.

  • Sue (sphmaz) - I posted on a thread about hard-to-find XMas toys that I was looking for some of the Cars movie diecast cars. Especially the yellow Ramone. (he is Christian's favorite!). Sue was nice enough to PM me and tell me should would keep her eyes out for it. Then, the very next day, told me she found it at Target, bought it, and needed my address to ship it to me. ALL of this in the middle of holiday craziness with her own life to attend to. Unbelievable. Now, she's going to keep checking to see if they have any of the others I still need. Can you believe this? A totally random act of kindness that will make a 3.5 yr old VERY happy!!!
  • Bretta (bretta), Amandajane, and Rachel (scarlettcharm) - A thread was started today at DST about who your favorite scrapper is. All 3 of these wonderful women posted little 'ole me as one of their favorites! :) Yipppeee!!! What a huge, huge compliment and definitely made my day. All by just taking a few minutes to post in the forum. Yes, it's the little things in life....
"Real" Life

I am truly blessed by those around me in my "real life" too. It sounds sappy and gay, but it's so true. Yes...they work on my nerves from time to time, but that's a sign of love, right?!?! ;)

  • Jarrett (my hubby) - I'll just post the things in the last couple of days that has made me feel so lucky. First off, I hated going to the gym so late after he came home from work. It left us no "family time" by the time we ate and I left. He is altering his work schedule to go into work an hour earlier so that he can leave at 4:00 instead of 5:00. Tell me that isn't great! Now, there won't be any rushing around and I can actually relax a bit! :) Secondly, I really want to start earning some money with my digi scrapping. Most guys would say I'm nuts, but he has been supporting me in every way imaginable. Even leaving it up to me whichever avenue I choose to go.
  • Christian (my sweetie) - Covering me with hugs and kisses telling me I'm "his best momma ever". Seriously...does it get any better than this!?!? Then, telling me today that I "make him laugh" and "make him SO happy". Oh...the good things in life! :)
  • Ava (my other little sweetie) - Climbs up next to me on the couch and pulls "our" snowflake blanket up over the 2 of us so we can just cuddle. Sometimes for 10 seconds only, sometimes for an hour. Making sure it is pulled up tight on both of us and patting it into place. Then, hugging and kissing you and holding your face in her precious little hands. Just heaven... :)
Still Sick
Yes, we're still sick today. Now it's not throwing up though...think the other end... ;) AND the real kicker. Now Ava has it too. Ugh... This is the first day of preschool that Christian has had to miss. I hate that he had to miss out (he loves going to school so much), but there was no way we were going today. Lots of rest to be had in our house.
New Purchases (Jarrett, close your eyes if you're reading this!) LOL... ;)
I bought a couple of goodies last night. I really need to start using things before I keep buying, but these darn designers are too talented!! All of these are by Ashley Olson at The Digi Shoppe.

All Star Elements

One More Thing

Hopefully I haven't bored you mindless yet and you're still reading. ;) I really want to comment back to those of you who have been kind enough to leave me a comment. As soon as I figure the damn thing out, I'll get on top of it! I promise! So far, it's winning the battle! LOL... Have a great Thursday, everyone! {{HUGS}}


Gina said...

" It sounds sappy and gay" LOL You have me laughing here....

Nice to read your lists of who you're thankful for. :)

Feel better <~~ a message to your household!

Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

I've been waiting for you to start blogging! I'm so happy I think I'm going to have to add you to my list. :)

Sorry to hear Christian isn't feeling too well. We are getting over a round of food poisoning here...ugh. :(

Noee01 said...

I love your header! It's awesome! Hope you are all feeling better soon!

Melissa Ives said...

I hope everyone starts feeling better soon in your house...

I love your header!

Ashley said...

Well I completely get what you mean, of course I am part of the digital community :) but when I was separated from my husband over the summer my goodness what an amazing group of support I had! Total strangers who treated me like family (or better *loL*) and I don't know what I wouldve done without 'em

Sue (sphmaz) said...

Awww, Thanks Melanie! :) First time i've ever been mentioned in someone's blog! :) I'm glad to make Christian a happy little camper!