Friday, January 5, 2007

Got to sleep in! read it right...I got to sleep in today! Yipppee!!! Until 9:30! The kids usually get up around 8:00, so this was a real treat. Christian needed to get up to use the bathroom around 7:30, then I begged him to come in bed with me so I could sleep more. That little guy didn't wake up until NOON!!! He hasn't slept like this in forever. I'm thinking that he just still isn't feeling well and his body is catching up with him. But boy...that 9:30 was a godsend to me! :) Thanks, kids!

Amazing Digi Race

I also got to do my LO for the Amazing Digi Race first challenge last night. We had to scrap a goal for the year 2007. ONLY one goal. I had fun with it because it actually made me do a page about Jarrett. Poor guy doesn't get many pages because I'm always doing the kids!
Laurie is my partner for the race and I'm so excited to be doing this with her! She's a wonderful person and a terrific scrapper...let's do it, girl! :)


I was doing really good for about 6 months and then decided to slack a little over the holidays. I didn't go to the gym for a month!!! Ugh...I felt so crappy overall and couldn't wait to get back to it. I went this week on Tuesday and Thursday and aiming for tomorrow morning too. I really want to get in the swing of a schedule really worked out for me that way. Also, I cooked dinner every night this week!! And it was healthy!! Yep, try to pull yourself back up into your chair and slow your heart rate down. I don't want anyone having a heart attack here! LOL. I'm thinking that tonight may be the night for takeout though. Hmmm...should I call Jarrett now!?! ;)

Weekend Plans

Friday: Nothing big planned so far. We were going to go see a band tonight, but with the kids being sick, we're not going to.

Saturday/Sunday: Also, there is a woman who may be interested in buying our house! We weren't going to put it on the market until at least this spring, but she casually mentioned to Jarrett that she was looking for a house like ours in the area we live in. Ummm...tell me we wouldn't be nuts to show it to her!!! So, she's coming next weekend, so we need to de-clutter and finish up little projects this weekend/week so it's ready when she comes.

Sunday: The kick off of our 150th anniversary at church. I'm one of the co-chairpeople on the anniversary committee, so there is a lot going on! We are planning a year full of events/fundraisers. It is a tiny church, so there's only so much we can do, but we're going to try our best to do a great job! This weekend, we are stringing up a large banner in front of the church stating 150 years that will stay up all year long. Also, we had some beautiful bookmarks made for the pulpit and lecturn that are embroidered and will stay up all year long. We're going to tell the congregation what we have planned for the year and try to stir up some excitement. Anyone have any fun ideas for things we can do? Also, I'm in charge of setting up/serving communion AND taking collection this week. about a lot going on in a 3 hour time span! LOL.
Happy Friday!
Happy Friday to all of you and have a fantastic weekend! {{HUGS}}


Melissa Ives said...

Love your layout! Good luck in the race! Have a great weekend...sounds like you have a lot planned!

Lena Brandenburg said...

Hooray for sleeping in! Sounds like you'll need it with the weekend you have planned! :)

SteinwaysMom said...

Hi Mel, welcome to blogger :)

Kirsty said...

Melanie you good enabler you! I just went shopping at TDS after seeing your rocking layout!

Your gotta get your kids to teach Dominic to sleep in whenever you come to Australia!! LOL

Have a good weekend chicky :)

Tracy said...

sleeping in...I don't even remember what that is, sniff sniff. and he slept till 12p? I guess recovery was needed. love your layout!!!

Yen said...

Wohoo for you sleeping in! hehe And seems likes a great plan for the weekend! Have a great time!

And oh..awesome entry for the contest!:)

Happy Weekend!

Miriam's Blog said...

Love your new blog girl!