Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Starting off with a bang!


Oh yeah...wouldn't want you to start reading my blog and be bored, would I?!?!? ;) Guess who was up all last night sick? Christian. Throwing up all over the place and worked up beyond all belief. Seriously, he gets himself so worked up that he can't get calm again and under control. Poor little thing had to have his sheets/pillowcase changed twice and stripped out of his clothes and showered once...all at 3:00 a.m. :( Poor little guy. Add to that, I'm not feeling 100% either. A stomach thing just like my poor little Christian. Share and share alike, right??!!

New Years Goals
Like a lot of you, I hate the word "resolutions". Resolutions are made to be broken, if you ask me! Hence, I'm starting a list of "goals" for the new year. Just things that I really want to work on in 2007 to make me a happier, less-stressed, better person. So, here they are so that you can all help to keep me accountable.

1. Exercise at least 30-45 minutes a day 5 days a week. (Gym 2-3 times)
2. Cook dinner at least 5 days a week.
(Yes...we eat a LOT of takeout)
3. Do not let laundry sit in washer/dryer. Fold right away and get into drawers.
4. Return phone calls right away.
(I have a habit of waiting to return them at a more "convenient time". Problem is...that time hardly ever comes!)
5. Keep track of everything on calender.
(Meetings/Parties/BDays/Gym time/etc...)
6. Set up cleaning schedule and stick to it.
(I usually wait to do an intensive cleaning after it's too far gone. Of course, causing myself LOTS more work!)
7. De-clutter house. (Get rid of things not being used. There is no need to have a house full of things.)

8. De-stress life. (Learn to say no. I have a very hard time doing this. Especially when it comes to my church. I get very caught up in "helping" others.)
9. Go to bed by 11:00/12:00 each night.
(I stay up WAY too late now.)
10. Get up by 7:00 each morning. (I'd like to get a little jump on the day before the kids wake up.)
11. Set up a “do nothing night/family night” a designated day once a week.
(No cooking, no cleaning, just fun.)
12. Grocery shopping same day each week. (I hate grocery shopping. Seriously hate it. Again, I put it off until the last minute and that's part of why we end up eating take out so much.)
13. Stay on top of digi scrapping/CTs/LOs.
(Set up a schedule for each designer I work for and stick to it. I've been slacking a bit the last month or so.)
14. Start some sort of business with digi scrapping.
(I need to make some extra money. I love digi scrapping and the community around it. I'm looking to figure out where I want to go with this. Whether it be designing products/templates or selling custom LOs/cards to "regular" people. Not sure which route I want to go as of right now.)
15. Eat better and try to lose the last 25 pounds this year.
(I've lost 20 pounds since June 1st and want to lose 25 more by next Jan. 1st.)
16. Start a blog. (hee...hee...guess that one is done now! I just need to focus on keeping it updated!)

17. Learn more about my camera/photography. (I have had my Nikon D50 for a year now and haven't ventured out of auto mode once. Ugh...I just need to make the time to do it!)
Wow...that's a lot, isn't it!?!? LOL... Guess I'm pretty ambitious when it comes to the new year!

Layout Posted

I posted a new LO today. Not my normal 2 pager, but I love it!

Well, off to start working on my list of to-do's! Thanks for checking back again today! Happy Hump Day! :) {{HUGS}}


Amanda said...

Love your blog! I am adding you to my bloglines!

So sorry about the sickies! Hope today is better for you!

Vanessa said...

Wohoo you know I'll be reading :D!
Poor Christian hope you guys are feeling better!

We eat A LOT of take out too, that need to stop over here too lol gets so expensive!

Anna said...

Melanie your blog is fabulous! I Love your resolutions......we eat wayyyy too much takeout, in fact almost all of your list could totally apply to me, maybe I'll just do a little cutting and pasting and update my blog LOL.

Andrea Cox said...

Beautiful layout Melanie! Love the new blog here too, very cool looking :) Going to drop you into my blog lines so I can keep up, LOL. Good luck with all of your goals and I hope the sickies go away from your house, just don't send them to mine ;)

Hollie said...

Hey there Melanie! This is a great lil blog you have here! Love your list--there are some I need to do too, so thanks for the inspiration :):) And I love your Ice Princess banner--so pretty!!!
Hope everyone is all better fast!

Kirsty said...

Hey Melanie!
Loving your blog, girl! Gorgeous layout as usual sweetie! I hope you and Christian are feeling better soon, Dominic has been feeling sick lately too :)

Jen Caputo said...

wow - welcome to blogging. GOod luck with your resolutions - i haven't set mine yet! love that page!!!

Misty said...

It's ABOUT time girl!! LOL I need to make myself a list too.. I haven't even did that yet!

Hmmm now I can stalk ya! ;)

Yen said...

Great list,Melanie! And I hope Christian gets better soon:)

Btw, I will mail your magazine I know I'm a slacker:)


Margie said...

Sorry your son is sick~seems to be going around! Hope he gets better soon :)

Stephanie said...

Congrats on your blog debut! Adding you to my bloglines. ;)

Hope Christian feels better soon. I can relate to many of your goals! I'm sure you'll accomplish all of them. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh your poor little boy! I have had nights like that with mine. And I love all of your goals. Made me want to add some of yours to my list. Now I'm just going crazy.

Stephanie Ogren

Kellie (joelsgirl) said...

Dang, girl, did you write YOUR resolutions or the ones I need to make??? Love your LO, btw, and the new blog looks great!