Sunday, January 7, 2007

The weekend is over...

and I have to say "I'm glad"! don't hear that very much, do 'ya??!?! I love the weekends. I love having Jarrett home with us, I love that I can get a little bit more "me" time, I love that we can do errands together....everything about the weekend is great.'s full of stuff that you don't want to do. Especially today.

Church was just a killer. I haven't been there in a couple of weeks because I'm just feeling a little burned out by it all. It's a small church with a majority of the congregation being very elderly. Hence, the group of volunteers to head things up and keep the church running is very, very small. I find myself getting involved in too many things, getting in over my head and I think it's starting to take it's toll on me. When I leave church recently, I think "oh...I'm so glad it's over and I'm going home"...NOT GOOD. You're supposed to leave church feeling refreshed, revived, full of life and ready to face the week and what it brings you. Lately, I've just been wondering about who is going to ask me to do what when I go there and which person is going to get irritated by some comment I say. (The elderly group of members is VERY set in their ways and not open to many new ideas.) I'm trying to change this mode of thinking, but I just don't know how to do it. Any suggestions? I want to LIKE going to church again!

The rest of the weekend

Really didn't do a whole lot or get much accomplished! I had my annual reports for 2006 due for the committee I'm on at church, so I spent Saturday night with Jarrett trying to get it all to balance correctly. My mom & dad aren't very computer literate and had their reports for their committees that needed typing up. I did theirs too and turned all 3 in this morning.

Went to the gym yesterday morning (that makes 3 whole days this week!) and I'll tell 'ya what...I feel great! It's amazing how much impact it has on my mental state as well as my physical state. I just feel happier and more relaxed when I go regularly.

The girls at The Digi Shoppe had a New Years crop this weekend and had TONS of challenges/chats/events going on. I made it to the chat on Friday night and had a BLAST with all the girls there! I really need to make it a point to do that more often. :) I also did a couple of the challenges (wish I could have done more though) and played around a lot.

That's it!

I'm tired and want to just "wind down". It's been a LONG day! Hope you all had a great weekend! {{HUGS}}


Anonymous said...

hey Melanie!
(((hugs))) on the whole church thing. We used to belong to a church *just* like that LOL! We had to leave for some serious issues that we had a huge problem with, but I do miss it sometimes- the closeness anyway.

I have to tell you though, whenever someone asked me to do something- this was my standard answer: "I'll have to pray about it- ask me again in about a week." (Don't say- I'll get back to you. LOL!)

Who can argue with that? LOL! *PLUS* that is really what I needed to do- *PRAY* and ask God what He wanted me to do rather than making a quick decision without Him.

Great job getting to the gym 3 times- WOW! Are you ready for the 12th week? I'm ready to work my smurf off LOL!

God bless!
Laurie G

Melissa Ives said...

I know what you mean...we're in limbo right now regarding church. {{{HUGS}}}

Congrats on getting to the gym!!! Great job!!!

Edhish said...

alrite Mel..finally you have a blog.. have added you to mine.. will be reading it from now ;)