Wednesday, January 10, 2007

3 and a half years

and Christian hasn't shown a sign of separation anxiety. Only once a while ago he did get worked up when Jarrett's parents were going to babysit him so we could go out. And that was bad enough. SO...guess what happens got it! A MAJOR hissy fit inside his preschool. He woke up saying he didn't want to go. Whatever. That has been normal recently. He just doesn't like to get his butt up, dressed, and moving fast in the morning. He gets over it by the time we're in the car and he's all excited to see his little friends. So, yesterday we get all ready, to school, taking off our coat in the hallway (the whole time yakking away to his teacher about how much better his belly is feeling), and BAM! Right after he kisses me good-bye, he starts crying. Just a little. I ask what's wrong, he just says he doesn't want me to leave. I give him a big hug and try to walk him into his classroom telling him it's going to be okay. Nope...not working. In fact...I can't even get him in the room! He won't even pass the darn threshold!!! VERY long story short...what started out as a little crying turned into a HUGE fit. Crying, yelling that he didn't want to stay, hiding behind the door, hiding behind my legs...and there's me. Ready to start crying too! :( And all of this while holding Ava who is SO ready to be out of there! LOL... Not a fun time! His teacher told me that this is normal after XMas break because they are used to being home with you again. She told me to just leave and he would be fine in 5 minutes. If not, they would call my cell phone.

So, I walk to the end of the hall and around the corner. (Christian is screaming bloody murder by now!) And yep, you know it...I feel like "Mommy of the Year"! {dripping with sarcasm there} I can just hear him saying "I want my Mama" and "I want to go get her"...ugh...totally friggin' heartbreaking. But, I left. Tears in my eyes and ready for a mental hospital to come take ME away, but I left. The teacher said it was the best thing to do and I trust her opinion. She's seen this MANY times, I'm sure.

Sure enough, I come back around 11:00 (it's over at 11:30) and peak in the little window in his classroom door. There's my little guy. Laughing and playing with his friends and having a good time! Now, I've already been crying in my car and talking to Jarrett on the phone ready to have a complete meltdown. And here HE is, having fun!!! Little shit! ;) LOL... Then, (you're going to get a real kick out of this), when they open the door and it's time to leave, he has the audacity (sp?) to say to his teachers....ready???..."Can I stay here with you guys?"!!!! AHHHH!!!! We all busted out laughing and now I'm going to assume that tomorrow is going to be a good day. :)

KMart Sucks

Remember that line from the movie Rain Man? Well,'s true! At least the one by us does!! Every single time I go there, there's one flippin' cashier open with a long line and they have nothing that I want. So, my main purpose for going there yesterday was the plastic underbed containers they had on sale and my makeup was on sale for BOGO. Guess what...out of both!! Ugh...I walked out of that darn store with 4 things. NONE of which were needed! What a waste of a trip. I just hate that!

XMas stuff

Yep...ours is still up! Tree and all!!! We seriously need to get to work on that asap. I'm sick of looking at it and we're having someone come look at the house next week. I need to get my butt in gear!

See ya!

I'm off to work on a LO for Andrea Burns and my LO for the Amazing Race. Hopefully I'll have them up to show to you tomorrow or the next day! Also, I'm trying to figure out a way to get more visitors to my blog...any ideas? Am I just that boring? ;) Oh, and one last thing. Have a great Wednesday everyone! I'll see you tomorrow! {{HUGS}}


Stephanie said...

That is too cute of a story! You probably have more visitors than you think. Most people are comment shy or just read in their bloglines window. ;) Keep writing!

Jenn T. said...

Oh, I know that experience - I've seen it too many times with my DS who's now 4.5. He'll throw a fit & then minutes after I leave he's perfectly fine.

Kirsty said...

Awww Melanie HUGS sweetie!! I havent been through that with Dominic yet, but I know I have all that to look forward too!!
You have me as a reader sweetie! and I'm sure more people come and read it but just not comment!
Have a great day! :)

Melissa Ives said...

Awww...poor Mommy! I can't relate, but I bet it's so hard. (I don't have children yet) Hugs! Don't worry about your blog...keep writing...not everyone comments!

Di said...

Oh momma that's the hardest! My kids used to do that and then pitch the fit on the other end when it was time to go. Argh my heart. So glad we are mostly past that now, but it's sweet too. They love us so much!

Lena Brandenburg said...

Awww, poor mama! I'm glad you could see the light side of it, though! :) I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday, too! :)

Yen said...

I can definitely relate,sweetie! I have a 4.5 yrs old too..But it will get over soon..{Hugs}

And thank you for the love:) hehe

Btw, I lost your email..sorry can you please email me if you have mine? It's about the