Monday, January 8, 2007

Relaxing day!

Today was VERY relaxing! Nothing planned, nowhere to nice! :) I did a little laundry (and before you didn't fold it right away like I said I was going to! In fact, 2 loads of towels are still in hampers on the living room floor!) LOL... Guess that's a new year's goal I really need to work on! ;) We all just laid around the whole day. Played with the kids, watched T.V., very low-key. I loved it! Tomorrow morning is a school morning though and that always makes it interesting! We're not very fast movers in the morning and Christian has to be at school at 9:30 am. AND his school is 20 minutes away. (We wanted him to be in the school district that we're moving to, so we had to compromise and do it this way for a year.) He's only in school for 2 hours though, so it isn't enough time for me to come home, lug Ava in and out of the car, and make it back. SO...Ava & I go on a grand adventure every Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours. Almost always some type of shopping that needs done. I'm thinking tomorrow we're going to hit good 'ole KMart. They have the makeup I use as BOGO and also plastic storage things on sale this week. Thrilling, huh?!?! ;)

Such a boring entry, but that's kinda how the whole day was...boring! LOL. Hope you all had a great weekend! {{HUGS}}


Kirsty said...

Hi Melanie
Glad to hear you had a good weekend! Its been a long weekend here, Stuart decided to break his hand! So fun fun in our house!
Those layouts are gorgeous as always!
Kirsty :)

Julie (mrs2a50) said...

Enjoy your plastic storage containers! LOL! Is it sad that I get excited over anything organizational like that? :)

Yen said...

I hear ya on the clothes! LOL I still have loads to pile:) But I had a great weekend though it's been raining here..

Love the layouts as usual! :)

Melissa said...

I hear ya on the laundry - I always have good intentions, but usually doesn't happen!

Stephanie said...

I love folding, it's the putting away I hate!!! Anyway, shopping is never dull. I shopped today myself but can't put that on my blog cause hubbo reads it ;)

Melissa Ives said...

I love days like I have too much to do...:(