Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back in the swing of things...

As most of you know already, my mom has been very sick for the past 5 weeks. In and out of the hospital twice and still VERY weak and needing help with every little thing. She's not able to do hardly anything by herself. Needless to say, we've all been exhausted from running around taking care of her and their house. It's finally started to let up a little bit because she's able to be left alone by herself a little bit more and they've taken the dog back for now. Leaving us a little more time to our own house/family and doing some projects. :)

We've lived in this house for almost a year now and FINALLY got up our first drops of paint! :) I absolutely can't stand white walls, so this is a BIG accomplishment! :) We painted the family room green/white and the dining room a yellow with white trim. Excited to work on more projects and get things more pulled together. :)

Have a good weekend! We don't have much planned. Beauty & The Beast musical at Cara's high school Saturday(she's the spatula and a townsperson) and having Jason/Kathy over Sunday night. TTYS!

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lukasin said...

Well, good luck with your mom, and every minute you have to relax a little bit!