Friday, May 4, 2007

My gosh...I'm a slacker!! LOL

When it comes to blogging, that is! ;) I have seriously been SO busy that I don't even know how I'm going to keep up with it all. Here is what life has coming up for us...

-Still trying to get projects done around the house to get it up for sale. We're hoping to get the sign out this weekend and a blog up and running for it too. Keep your fingers crossed that it's a QUICK sale!!

-Trying to figure out where we stand on building a house. Of all comes down to money and what we can afford. (Doesn't everything in life?!?!?) We're getting a piece of property tested to see if we are able to put in a sandmound since it doesn't attach to the main sewage line. We also started looking at modular houses since building from scratch isn't in our budget. I was amazed when I started looking at these!!! I had a stereotype in my head of what they were going to look like and I was SO wrong! They are gorgeous!! We found a model that we just love. Big, open floorplan and we would have a HUGE basement to finish too! YAY! Now to only figure out the other specifics....

-On top of the projects at home, we've been packing/moving furniture/de-cluttering the house to make it more "showable" to people. We rented a storage facility and have been making trips there. TONS of work!

-Parties/Baptisms/Bridal Shower...all parties that we had/have to go to in the month of May/June. Ugh...

-Ava's bday is June 2nd. Still haven't written thank you notes from Christian's party. Still haven't posted pics for you of it... Our 6th anniversary is on June 1st.

-Wedding in the Outer Banks, NC in a few weeks. (10 hour drive for us) Jarrett is the best man and it is for his best friend, Jason. It's a small wedding and is an adult reception only. poor kiddos are being left here while we go!! :( I am totally bummed about it and don't want to leave them to go. We're leaving on Thursday afternoon and coming home on Monday evening. (yes...we are driving the 10 hours!!!)

-Silent Auction at my church June 9th. SO much planning and stuff left to do for it. I'm in charge of the whole thing (of course) and I don't know how it's all gonna get done.

-150th anniversary for my church. Activities all year long for this and I'm a co-chairperson. Starting in May/June we are going to sell engraved bricks to make a cute little patio.

Not to mention, my CT work, designing, etc...

UGH....I am losing my mind!! I am tired, both physically and mentally, 24 hours a day. I honestly don't know how I'm going to make it through the next few months. Jarrett & I are both irritable with everyone and everything. (more me though, of course...) I just hope that things go well and fall into place quickly. I don't want to drag this all on forever, KWIM? Please say a little prayer that it all comes together and that we have a quick sale on the house.

That being said....SALE!!!
I'm having a sale for National Scrapbooking Day!

~ Now through Monday ~

All items by me are 50% off at Elemental Scraps get my new Spring is in the Air doodles totally FREE with a $5 purchase!! YAY!

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AND...if you've read through this whole boring blog post and have continued to read even though I've taken a break, here's an additional coupon for ya! ;) Use the code bored2tears for $1.00 off your purchase!

Happy Friday!
There is a chat tomorrow night at DST from 10-11 pm EST with the designers from Elemental Scraps. (including me!) Be sure to check it out if you have a chance! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy all the digi sales! {{{{HUGS}}}}


welli Designs - Sonja said...

Happy friday and whoohoo, what a great sale. I already LOVE NSD !!!

Jess said...

I wasn't bored2tears.. looks like you have alot going on. im getting this house ready to.. so i know exactly how you feel. Although going away without my children for 4 days sounds like a whole lot more fun than your giving it credit for. Love the doodles.. will have to check out the shop!!

Lisa Joy said...

Your life sounds so jammed pack.
Good luck with the house selling and building.

Anonymous said...

Hello!! You sure do have lots going on right now! We are home from Disney, great trip! I hope the house sells fast!! Hope to talk to you soon!! I like the doodles a lot!!

Kelley Mickus said...

Sounds like you've been a little busy! LOL! Love your spring doodles. I will be praying for a speedy house sale for you.

Andrea* said...

Hi Melanie!

You've been TAGGED!


Yen said...

You seem so busy,Mel! Good luck on everything:) Miss you!