Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Literally losing my mind...

Ugh...I am seriously starting to lose it. I have NO time to do anything but work on the house. :( HELP!!! I can't wait until the damn thing is just on the market and sold. Bad attitude, I know...but I'm sick of working on it. Never-friggin-ending!

Worked on the house all weekend and didn't even get to enjoy all the NSD festivities. HUGE bummer! I did jump into a chat at DST on Saturday night hosted by some of us Elemental Scraps designers. Had a flippin' blast! I just love chatting with you girls and giving away goodies! :) That was only an hour...then back to work. I did a little bit of shopping. Went to the Lilypad, Gina Miller Designs, Amanda Rockwell, Funky Playground Designs and got LOTS of new goodies! Also, did I tell you that I'm a guest CT for Traci Murphy this month?!?! Lucky me, I know... She is so friggin' awesome. I just love her to death! :)

I decided to extend my sale on all my designs at ES until Mother's Day, so run and shop if you have any money left! 50% off and free gift w/$5 purchase. I also put up a new kit and a new template. (You can see my first Traci Murphy LO on the template preview)

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Bday Pics...
And a little late...but here are a couple pics from Christian's bday party. Cute, huh?!?! I still can't believe my baby turned FOUR!!! (not edited at all....excuse it, please!) ;)

With all the "traffic light colors" balloons...
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Again...we LOVE balloons!
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See little peanut crying in the background? Guess who blew that Cars hornblower thing right in her face 2 seconds before this? LOL... Hence, the HUGE smile on Christian's face!!
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The whole group of kiddos eating dinner. They are SO darn cute and seeing them all together was a blast. These are the kids of my 2 best friends. (Missy, if you want a full sized version of this, let me know...I have some other cute ones of Dylan & Brady too!!)
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Blowing out the candles. Yes...I make my own cakes. My mom did it when I was little and it's something I like to carry on. They aren't the most extravegant, but we love them!
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And that's it!
I've slacked too much here...need to get back to work! My dear friend, Andrea Burns, tagged me but I'm going to have to wait to do it. :( I promise I will though! Have a great week girls!! {{{HUGS}}}


Anonymous said...

Those photos are seriously cute. Wish mine were as good as that before editing!! Not jealous of having to get the house ready for sale though - I couldn't even begin to think about doing that!!

Lynn Grieveson

Bev said...

What cute pics with the balloons! good luck on getting your house sold, where on the other end hopefull getting ready to buy one!

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

Looks and sounds like christian had an great birthday party!! Love all the photos and look at that happy face :-)

This kit is very cute and think I might have to grab it on elementals...One of my may subjects...hhmm.. or one of the other yummy kits..not really sure yet!!

If I lived around the come over and help you with your house girl...hope it will be sold soon!! It´s a good thing you did have time to do some shopping with all those awsome sales..and so sad NSD is already over!! :(
Can´t wait till next year!!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!! HUGS

Andrea Cox said...

I LOVE that cake! I think it's awesome that you have that tradition and it looks fabulous dahlink! Those pictures are too funny, that one where he had blown the little horn in her face just cracks me up, boys!

Laurie Garza said...

((((hugs)))) Melanie!

Sorry you're spending so much "friggin" time on the house! ;) I'll say a prayer that all of your selling/buying/moving plans go smoothly.

Cute photos of Christian's bday and WOW great job on the cake! I made Samuel's this year, but I thought I was doing good to "write" on the cake- you put me to shame girl! LOL!

God bless!