Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

Oh, it was such a nice weekend! Relaxing...calm...and back to normal. Thank goodness!! :) Went shopping on Saturday to return (finally) some stuff from Xmas...yes...I still had it!! *blushing* We went out to lunch at the Olive Garden and man...do I LOVE their soup, salad, and breadsticks!!! Mmmmm...SO GOOD! The kids also behaved. Miracle of all miracles. You never know what you're going to get in a restaurant...KWIM?!?!

Monster Jam
Friday night was the Monster Jam. A group of us all went. My mom & dad, Jarrett's dad & sister, me, Jarrett, Christian, and a friend of Jarrett's from work and his little boy. (my sister and Jarrett's brother had to back out at the last minute 'cause they were sick) We had a BLAST!!! Christian was on cloud 9 the whole entire time. He had his big ole noise reduction earphones on, sat on my lap, ate popcorn and had a HUGE smile on his face from beginning to end. We bought him the cutest T-shirt and a Gravedigger flag that he just loves. He also got a program and I wouldn't be lying if I told you he's thumbed through it a hundred times since Friday night. He was so wound up when we got home that he stayed up until 11:00 just playing "monster trucks" on the living room floor!!! LOL... He was setting up his cars and running over them with his monster trucks he has. Too darn cute! (Oh...and if you're wondering where Ava was...she spent the night with my MIL!!)

New Kit and LO
I put a new kit up in the store last night. I am so thrilled with how pretty it turned out! :) Hopefully everyone else thinks so too!! I really would LOVE to see some sales, ya know?!?! :) And here's a LO I made using it and also using a template I made for the Elemental Scraps Mega Kit coming out this week.

You can find Belle in Blue here and it's 20% off until Thursday!!! :)

Belle in Blue is a soft, pretty kit that is able to be used with just about any scrapbook LO. Wedding pages, baby pages, love pages, girly pages...you name it!! Kit is created at 300 dpi and has no drop shadows included. Kit includes: 6 Patterned Papers -4 Textured Solid Papers -5 Ribbons -3 Pins- 3 Gems- 1 Glitter Swirl- 1 Metal/Gem Swirl -2 Journaling Blocks -Glitter Alphabet (upper and lowercase)

LO can be seen here.

Back on the Wagon...

So...I'm back on the wagon this week! Eating well, tracking calories, drinking TONS of water, exercising more, scrapping away, designing more for you all...back in the swing of things! :) Don't forget to check back tomorrow...there just may be a little Valentine's present for all of you!! ;) Have a great day, girls! School was cancelled here today due to snow, so I'm off to play with the kiddos! {{HUGS}}


JenniferBarrette_Designs said...

We have some sort of "naming" connection, my daughter's name is Ava too, and I almost named my last kit "Belle in Blue" lol!!!

Christy said...

Wonderful kit & I love the shots at the monster truck show! My little man loves monster trucks, too, so those little wheels on the carpet looked very familiar!