Friday, February 9, 2007

Back to "normal"...

or I should normal as it gets around here! LOL... ;) It was nice just falling back into the swing of things yesterday. Thanks for the nice words and for reading the kids' stories about the funeral. I thought you'd all get a kick out of it! :)

Christian had school yesterday and was so excited to see his friends that he missed on Tuesday. Their school was cancelled then because of how cold it was here. His teacher called our house on Monday night and left a message saying there was no school...Christian WILL NOT let me erase it!! LOL. We have listened to it no less than 30 times already and he is so darn excited that his teacher called our house. So cute!

I also had a little meeting with the 2 other moms that are in charge of the Valentine's party with me next Tuesday. Let me just say nicely sucked. I'm used to being in charge of the things I volunteer for and it SO was not that way here! Not that I need to be in control...I would just like to have had some input. These 2 girls both go to church there (I don't), so they already know each other and are friends. I guess they pretty much had it all figured out before I got there, because I had NO input. At all.! *rolling eyes* I'm used to being a part of the group and being well liked and this really just rubbed me the wrong way. KWIM? I was excited to be a part of Christian's school party, but now...not so much. I'm just a little follower doing what I was told. THEN...the one girl typed up a paper on what we were doing and got my friggin' name wrong!!! Yeah...NICE....huh?!?!? I was "Melanie" in 2 spots and then "Karen" in another spot. Great...just great... *rolling my eyes yet again* Oh well...when you get lemons, make lemonade! I'll just use all my ideas I had with my own kids at home!!!

Oh...the one thing I AM in charge of is doing 1 Valentine's day game. Any ideas?

Big Plans for Tonight
Big plans for tonight...we have tickets to go to the Monster Truck show!!! We bought them months ago and there's a few of us going. My parents, my sister, Jarrett's dad, brother, & sister, me, Jarrett, & Christian. Jarrett's dad may not make it due to other family/funeral stuff, but the rest of us are excited! I've never been to one before, but I CAN NOT wait to see Christian's face! He is seriously going to flip out. I'll be sure to post some pics afterwards!

Logo/Amazing Race LOs
So, here's a logo I think I decided on. What do you think? I wanted something simple, yet pretty...did I achieve that? Any CC? I have my hardhat on...let it rip! :)

And here are my last 2 Amazing Race LOs. We had to give our younger selves advice in one and scraplift our partner in the other. My partner was Laurie Garza and I just couldn't love her more! She is a fantastic person and a wonderful scrapper. We got to know each other better and I am hoping that someday we get to meet each other in person so that I can give her the HUGE hug she deserves!!! :) She's always got sweet words of support and friendship and I can't even begin to tell you how great she is. Thanks again for being my teammate, girl!! {{HUGS}}

Advice. Credits can be seen here.

Scraplift of Laurie. Credits can be seen here.

Did I hit ya with enough today?!?! LOL... Hopefully you're still awake! ;) Have a fantastic weekend, girls! {{HUGS}}


~charlene~ said...

You know Karen, you should just tell off those other moms ;)

Seriously, they were super rude. I have no advice though. I would have just gone along with it and been resenting it the whole time.

I like the logo, especially the swirl. I think it might look nicer with a more drawn out script font. I have no idea if that makes sense, LOL.

Have a pleasant weekend!

Anonymous said...

Well I agree with Charmaine above, you should tell them off Josie!! :o)

I love those LO's - super colours :o)

Marianne said...

Do you ever watch the tv show "The new Adventures of Old Christine?" They have two characters on there that are the private school moms. Your story reminded me of them. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Man that sucks about the stepford wives LOL! Seriously though- not worth wasting your thoughts or energy on. I've been to plenty of those meetings though- and it's like- uh, why exactly do you need me here if you don't want my imput? aaargh! Ok- sorry- nevermind that last sentence LOL!

Thanks for your sweet words teammate -you're too kind- way too kind! :)

Oh- and the logo- you got your hard hat on, right? ok then. I really think that you should add a lemon or a half of a lemon or a slice of lemon LOL! I have no idea what lemonyr means LOL, but I always think of lemons when I think of you. :)

God bless!
Laurie G

Janel said... the logo! You did great with it. I have the HARDEST time with them things! I also love the layouts! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Fantastic Logo! I'm still stuck on mine... so wanna make one for me? And a big GRRRR to those women. Ugg.


Melissa Ives said...

Hmmm...Melanie and Karen...What idiots. I love your's so simple and pretty...just perfect!