Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's a CT Call!!! Looking for lemonheads! Also a little enabling... ;)

So...it's time! I'm having my first ever CT call!! :) I really want to get my name out there a little more and need some wonderful, FUN girls to do that for me! So...what are you waiting for??? Read on! ;) (text version is under the pic) This call is officially open until March 9th, but I will be picking girls THIS WEEK because I have some big stuff planned for March 2nd-March 9th...so hurry up and get your applications in!! You can see my designs here.

For those of you who can't see the pic, here's what it says! :)
Are you sweet? Or are you sour? I need some LEMONHEADS!!

I‘m new to the design world and need my first Creative Team! I’m looking for girls who would like to help me promote my designs, give me their input, make new friends, and most importantly - HAVE FUN!

Requirements:- 1 layout per kit/template I put out- Posted in at least 4 galleries- participation in a CT forum so that we can get to know each other

That’s it! Simple, huh?!? Then, apply!

If interested, send me the following:- Your “real” name- Your username at DST- Link to your most complete gallery- Other teams you are on - Why you feel you’d be a good fit with me, my designs, & the rest of the CT. Interested? Email me at melaniecolosimodesigns@gmail.com

Boring Day

It's a boring day today. Christian had school this morning and Ava & I went to Sams Club to do a little shopping. They had out all kinds of outdoor things already!! YAY!! Bring on the springtime! So, I saw this swingset and I just "need" to have it for the kiddos. It's expensive, but we just got our tax refund money back...think I can persuade Jarrett? Cross your fingers, okay?

A little more enabling...

Then, I was at DST last night browsing through the threads when I see that my friend, Cori, makes these AWESOME little girl outfits! I mean really, I was friggin' blown away when I looked through them! They are SO unique and so gorgeous. I'm picturing Ava in one already... ;) Here is her "about me" page at her EBay store and here are a couple of my favorites...and yes...I just "have" to have an outfit like this for my little angel!! :)

And on that note...

I'm done for today! :) So, get your CT applications in quick! I'm eager to look through everyone's galleries!! I am already dreading the hard choice though... Thanks so much for your support, girls! Also, hurry up and go buy my 2 newest items at the store...I need to make some money to buy that swingset!! ;) LOL... Have a great day! {{HUGS}}

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Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

I'm really thinking I should apply for your CT Melanie... :)

That swing set is so awesome!! Even if we could afford it, it'd take up our whole back yard :( I'm sure the kids will love it! Fingers and toes crossed! :)

Cori does do great work doesn't she? LOVE the little girls outfits!