Wednesday, February 28, 2007

CT Call Change

** Due to an overwhelming response, I am closing my call for lemonheads this Friday, March 2nd. I have lots of things in the works for next week and can use all the wonderful girls I can!! Thanks to all of you who are applying!! It's going to be a super hard decision! **

Short & Sweet
That's what this is going to be today. I have TONS of stuff on my plate and need to get working on them!! :) So, here's a little heads up for my regular blog readers...Saturday is my 30th birthday! AND...I'm going to celebrate a whole week of it starting on Friday, March 2nd and going all the way through Friday, March 9th. LOTS of fun stuff'll need to tune in here for more details. Also, here's a little hint...keep your calender clear for this Friday night at 10:00 pm, (March 2nd)...a little birdie told me there just may be a chat with me at Elemental Scraps to start off birthday week!! ;)

So, what the heck?!?! Only 1 or 2 comments a day? Where are you guys? ;) I LOVE seeing comments when I log on here and I'm just not feelin' the love, chickies! (And before you ask...yes...I am that pathetic that I will shamelessly beg for some! LOL...)

Happy Hump Day!
Have a wonderful hump day, girls! I'll be back tomorrow with more to throw at 'ya! {{HUGS}}


Andrea* said...

LOL! 1 or 2 comments?!?!? Welcome to the world of BLOGGER! I think Gina has ruined it for the rest of us, b/c Typepad can email back every comment, and us Bloggers are kinda stuck. Fab new kit, and oh the torture you are about to experience with choosing your CT. LemonHeads... LOL~ CUTE name!

Liz said...

hey melanie! i'm sorry about the comments i am guilty! I do read your blog EVERYDAY! but im not commenting as i should :( promise that will change!!! have a great day!!

jennieb75 said...

Hi Melanie!!!
Here's another comment to add to your soon-to-be HUGE list!
I just sent off my appy to be a part of your CT (even a guest spot would be pretty sweet!!)
Hope you have a great day!
Oh, and I don't comment a lot... but I have your blog on my Google reader so I see your updates when you post them.... ? bonus points? LOL just kidding!
Jennie T.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mel, I looked over the cd of the pictures and we just LOVE them!!!! I got the photos you took printed today. They are so nice. What wonderful memories you have given me! Guess what? I will be up in PA on Friday and I am staying until next Friday!! So that gives me some good time to spend with you and your beautiful kids!! So let me know when I can come over and see you guys!! Missy

Bretta said...

Well, hey, honey! Of course we're here reading your blog. Duh! Where else would we be???

Looking forward to your chat on Friday night. I checked the chatroom already today to make sure I could get in, since I can't access some chatrooms from my house (DST included). I can get in, so I will be there with bells on, even if I have to dump dh out of the chair!

Well, now you've asked for it, you probably won't be able to shut me up and I'll just comment all the time...bwahahaha!

KirstyB said...

Wow, Melanie!! Ending your call early!! That means tons of people love your stuff, chickie!! :) Good luck on picking your new team!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Can't wait for the chat on Friday evening. I wouldn't miss it for the world! Can't Wait! If anyone wants to talk to me I'll be sitting in the game room.


Juls said...

Gotta love a birthday girl! Celebrating for a whole week? count me in! lol Lemonheads, my favorite candy ever :)