Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oh much for posting every day! *blush*

Okay...last post was Sunday. So much for my 21 straight days of blogging! :( Oh, well....back on the bandwagon! There's actually not much going on around here. Part of the reason I haven't blogged, I guess. My family reunion is on Saturday and this year my immediate family is in charge of it. (every brother and sister in her family alternate years to be in charge. Rotates every 5 yrs) Anyways, we're doing a luau theme and it's always a lot of work! We went shopping today to a bunch of dollar stores to try to find stuff. We ended up hitting the jackpot!!! :) Now, I just need to focus on some of the details. I found a cute site with lots of luau ideas. I'm even making name tags for everyone with their "real" name and their name in Hawaiian! They have a name translator on their site!!


For those of you who didn't see my posts on the message boards, I hit the jackpot at Disneyshopping the other day! I got an email with coupon code SUMMER40 for 40% off the summer sale prices and I got free shipping for using my Disney Visa card. (spend $75 and use code VISA75)

For $91 (including tax!), I got:

~ 8 pairs of PJ's/nightgowns
~ 2 beach towels
~ 2 T-shirts (wish I had gotten more now though)
~ 1 button down shirt
~ 1 pair of sunglasses
~ 2 hats
~ purse
~ 1 swimsuit (wish I had gotten at least 1 for Christian now though AND another one for Ava)
~ plastic atomizer set for Ava's vanity
~ headband

I'm beyond thrilled with my purchase! We haven't been spending much "extra" money since we bought our new house, but I couldn't pass up these deals!! That's a whole lotta stuff for $90!! :)

And my gosh...check out these cupcake pops! Someone posted about them at DST and I am seriously IN LOVE with them!! :) I'm a cupcake freak anyways and these are too cute for words! The basic premise is the same as cake balls, but with a little more panache. I love 'em!! I spent forever browsing through her blog last night looking at all the goodies. Look at this cute Tshirt too. I am adding this to my wish list...I gotta have it!!



Anyways, I have lots to do and not enough time to do it! I have SOOOOO many cute ideas to design, but need to get them all on the computer. Where does the day go?!?!? (I'm guessing a 3 yr old and 5 yr old help make that happen, eh?!?! LOL)

I'm off to work on the family reunion stuff. Have a great night! {HUGS}


faery-wings said...

awwww, Melanie-- its ok, I don't get around to blogging everyday either- but I love your blog- so keep it going!

Monroes said...

hi melanie...i tried to send you a note on oscraps, i was wondering if you could email me the november #3 template that you were giving away long ago? you blog! michelle