Friday, February 1, 2008


Today is my dad's birthday!! :) He can be a true pain in the butt sometimes, but I just love him to death! He is soooooooo hard to buy presents for. Ugh! We went to the mall and got him a new grill cover, a 1/4 zipper sweatshirt, a bartenders bible (since he claims he is sick of drinking beer right now, lol), and the automatic adjustable wrench from Craftsman. It was so cute shopping with the kids for him. Every single thing they saw, they were saying "let's get this for papa!" or "papa would like this!". LOL You should have seen some of the stuff they were pointing to! Christian also came up with a grand plan for his bday. He wanted to make a cake, buy the relighting candles ("'cause that would be so funny, momma!"), and go to the mall to buy him presents. I haven't had the heart to tell him that my mom already ordered a cake for him. Shhh.... ;) So, anyways, that's where we'll be tonight. Spending the night with dad/Papa. :)

The weather is so gross here today. It is rainy and everything turned into a solid sheet of ice outside overnight. The trees look like they are ice scuptures!!! Really pretty, but I hate going out in that crap! I kept Christian home from school today and we are just in our PJs. I'm hoping to get the house straigtened up, have the kids do some sort of project for dad's bday, and hopefully get some designing done!!!

Christian is also old enough to do T-ball this year!!! OMG! When did my little boy get so big?!?!!? Sign-ups are tomorrow morning and it's looking like he will be the youngest one. It is based off of their age as of April 30th and his bday is April 15th. The T-ball is for ages 5/6. I really think he'll have fun with it though!! I hope that some of his little friends from preschool are on his team!

We're having a Superbowl party on Sunday. The same group of people gets together every year for the Superbowl and we also get together for the playoff games if the Steelers are in them. It is always a fun time and this will probably be the last big party we have at our house! (hoping that we're out of here by April for Christian's bday, of course!)

We had people come yesterday to look at the house and again tomorrow. PLEASE let someone make an offer soon!!! *fingers crossed and prayers being said* We are SO sick of showing it to people!!!!! The ones that were here yesterday were here for almost 45 minutes, so hopefully that is a good sign.

And that's it! Just sitting in front of the computer on a crappy, gray day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!! I love you!!! xoxo Have a great weekend everyone!! {HUGS}

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