Wednesday, April 4, 2007

New Product and Easter Prep!

I put up a new product in the store yesterday. Tiers of Paper is a 2 page LO in PNG, PSD, & TIFF formats. It can also be used as a single page LO. This template is close to my heart because the LO that was the basic setup for it was chosen to be published! I hope you like it as much as I do! :)

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Easter Preparations
I'm desperately trying to get everything together for Easter. While Christian was at school yesterday, Ava & I went to Target and got LOTS of goodies! I had a lot of stuff for their baskets already, but I wanted to grab a few more things and then ended up finding some "extras" that I wanted to get for their bdays and such that are coming up. Here's a little of what I bought...
~ 4 DVDs: Ice Age The Meltdown, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Great Clubhouse Hunt, Little Einsteins Search for the Golden Pyramid, & Dora Shy Rainbow.
~ Spring/Summer PJs for Ava. She is growing like a weed and needs something other than long sleeves and pants.
~ T-shirts & shorts for Ava. (I thought Christian would fit in stuff from last year, but after checking last night...I don't think so!! :( SO...I guess I need to get him some too! Good thing Target has them 2 for $6.00 this week!!)
~ 3 T-shirts for me. I'm a pretty plain kind of girl. I got a pale pink, light green, and plain white. They are slightly fitted and SUPER comfy!!
~ Starburst Jellybeans...have you tried these?!!?! I had them at the in-laws house on Sunday night and I loved them!!! I'm not much of a jellybean eater, but these were YUMMY!!!

I need to go grocery shopping tonight or tomorrow and get the goods to make stuff for Jarrett's family dinner on Saturday night and my family dinner at my parent's house on Sunday. I'm making potato salad, an appetizer, and a dessert for my family and probably an appetizer and dessert for his family. I'm a HUGE cupcake freak for those of you who don't know, so I'll be making cute springy ones for both houses to put in my super cute cupcake tree! :)

My mom's bday is next week too. (The 12th) Anyone have any great ideas for a gift? We don't spend a TON of money, but I'd like to think of something different than what I normally get her, KWIM?

That's it for now!
I have been pretty productive this morning and want to keep up the pace. I'll check in with you all later! Have a great Wednesday!! {{HUGS}}


Laura said...

Isn't Target the greatest?! :)

I got my mom some homemade soap, lotion, and two foot fizzies for her birthday. She loved it all, but especially liked soaking her feet. I think I'm going to go back and get her some more tomorrow or Friday since she casually mentioned that her feet had been hurting last time I talked to her. Hehe! :)

KirstieGai said...

Melanie can you send me one of your Easter baskets cause I'd love to spend Easter in bed in my new pj's watching a new DVD whilst eating chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Starburst jelly beans are the best...I can't eat another kind after having them. Totally addicting:)

~*Jennifer*~ said...

Love the templates!

Man I wish we had a Target here! We just have Zellers and WalMart for that sort of thing.

I gotta go get groceries tomorrow too...the girls better behave themselves! This'll be the first time I've had to take both of them. Definitely going to get some chocolate! :)

Julia said...

Hello I come and visit your blog :) I'm not the one who posted below to you at DST.:):) you have a very nice blog and I love your kit with the butterfly's . Greetings from Holland :)