Friday, April 6, 2007

Happy Easter, Sale, and a Long Weekend...

Jarrett is off today, so we are starting a nice, long weekend! YAY!! :) I just love when he's off! Doing a little shopping today and then we're going to do Easter bunny pics later and dying eggs. SO....I'm gonna keep it short & sweet today!

I'm having an Easter sale today through Monday. 35% off of my whole store! Enjoy! :)

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That's it for today. (TOLD ya it would be short & sweet!) I'm probably not going to check in again until Sunday night or Monday, so have a WONDERFUL EASTER!! This is truly the time of year to realize just how lucky we are for all that we have and for our wonderful family and friends. {{{{HUGS}}}}


Andrea* said...

Oh GAG! I am with you on this weather! ICK~ especially for Easter weekend!

GL on your Sale! You'll rock it I'm sure! :)

((HUGS)) Sweetie!

Rachel said...

GREAT sale, Melanie! Have a great Easter!

Sara E said...

good luck with your sale.....and have a fab time with your Easter Bunny pics :)