Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nice Weekend!

It was a very nice, relaxing, and productive weekend and let me tell ya...it was MUCH needed! we went looking at modular homes on Saturday with my parents. These are the homes that you order to be what you want and they are delivered to your property in 4-6 weeks. Nice, huh!??! ;) So...my expectations were pretty low just because I've never seen them before. I was absolutely SHOCKED at what I saw!! They were very nice inside and much bigger than I expected. For a LOT less money than building from scratch with a contractor, we could get a bigger house. Anyways, that's just one of the options we have right now. And it's not at the top of the list either.

At the top of the list is moving into my parents' house. They are talking about the fact that it's too much for them to handle now and that they want to downsize. They live in a gorgeous stone house that is almost 180 yrs old on 3 acres of property and a VERY quiet street. This house has been in my family forever and I would love to live there. We would put an addition on and renovate inside a bit to make it more "us", but financially it is still the best bet for us. We just need to work everything out with my parents and my sister to see if it's going to happen. Don't you wish that money grew on trees to make life easier?!?!?

Date Night
My parents kept the kids overnight on Saturday and Jarrett & I had "date night". This consisted of dinner out and then shopping around to see how much money it was going to take to fix up the house before we sell it. We also watched 2 movies over the weekend. Starsky & Hutch and Friday Night Lights. I have to say I wasn't impressed in the least by either one. They weren't horrible, but not good by any stretch of the imagination either!! We've been watching movies more often and actually using the Blockbuster Online that we have and it is so nice!! I've been staying off the computer as much too and it's a well needed break I think.

Productive Sunday
We picked up the kiddos, painted our split rail fence, raked out the flowerbeds and cut back the dead stuff on my perennials, raked up leaves by our fence in the backyard, picked up TONS of sticks, and just overall cleaned up a bit outside. The kids were playing and just enjoying the gorgeous weather and Christian has proven himself to be quite the little helper!! (Guess who picked up 97% of the sticks?!?!?) :)

Misc Mumbo Jumbo
Here are a few little odds & ends...
~ The weather is GORGEOUS here the last few days!! 70 degrees and sunny!

~ I finished a couple LOs and will post them in the next couple days.

~ I have been digi shopping crazy this past week!! I got TONS of goodies at Gina Miller's sale last week and finally caved in and got some Lilypad goodies too. I seriously need to go on a spending freeze though...I'm buying more than I'm using!!!

~ I'm working on some new stuff for the store. Hopefully I'll get them done in the next couple of days.

~ Have an Anniversary Committee meeting tonight at my church. Yippeee!!! (dripping with sarcasm there)

~ Having the in-laws over for dinner tomorrow night.

~ Christian gave me crap again today about not wanting to go to school. Ugh. I hate that!!! Today it actually started before we even left the darn house!!! Then, he refused to get out of the car in the parking lot of the school. {rolling eyes} He was fine 2 seconds after I left and happy as a clam when I picked him up. Aye-yi-yi....what am I gonna do with that kid!?!??!

That's it! I'm going to enjoy the weather and open some windows!! Hope you all have a great day! {{HUGS}}


Selana said...

sounds like a nice weekend... I hope you can come to terms with your parents and your sister about the house

MandaKay said...

Oh - good luck on the decision for a house - that can be a tough one! Glad you are weighing all of your options. Glad you had a great weekend!

Shelly said...

sounds like you had a nice family weekend! We are having the "not wanting to go to school" issue with Bailey right now and she is in 1st grade!! She was home sick on Friday and has not wanted to go back since!

Yen said...

Sounds like a really nice weekend and much needed:) I love weekends like that too:) And did you take pics on the homes? I'm sure its gorgeous!

Have a great day,Mel!:)

Kim said...

We actually live in a doublewide, so similiar to a modular and really love it. I think our next home will be a modular on some acreage.